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OUR AMBITION is to bring you in direct contact with nature and with the people in the area, to let them show to you how they live and what is noteworthy. We engage guides from the place, drivers, boatmen, cooks, porters etc and we buy food stuff from the area.

Whenever suitable we arrange “home stay” meaning you stay overnight in the house of a family (this of course means simple conditions, but we make sure beforehand regarding basic facilities and hygiene). And we schedule a hotel night in between when we can to let you clean up and catch up on sleep.

We support traditional skills like gardening, carpentry, handicraft and arts by letting you follow the work or watch shows. Your visit will help preserve traditions and cultural expressions for the future.

We wish to support the local economy, with your help, in areas inside or bordering to National Parks, believing that people who are better off will be less dependent on timber, meat etc from the protected areas. We believe that with your help they will realise that preservation and protection of nature and culture in their neighbourhood for the future is in their, as well as our, best interest.

Nature tourism and culture tourism require care and respect to function well. Our idea of nature tourism is exploration and discovery with direct contact and limited impact. (Eventually our target is eco-tourism following accepted international standards.)

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